Sunday, December 28, 2008

Skyler's Update

This blog was created by family and friends of Skyler Twitchell. We know lots of people are trying to find out more information on Skyler's condition, wish him well, and offer their thoughts and prayers, this page is created for just that. Please pass this URL onto others and we'll all help Skyler and his family! We've created a new e-mail address if you would like to send a personal message to the Twitchells, please send it to:



  1. New Year's Day

    This will be a GOOD NEW YEAR.

    "Life is what happens after we make our plans. "

    I write many inspirational quotes down in notebooks, on scraps of paper and commit to memory, but this is the overshadowing reality -

    "Life is what happens after we make our plans."

    Today, Skyler fights for his life. Each day we see progress, He is still on life supports for breathing. Too much damage and injury to his spinal chord has resulted in difficulty keeping the strength to breath on his own. Each day Sky grows stronger. He rested well, and will under go further procedure to help mainstain his breathing with the goal being able to breathe on his own. We go into his room in Critial Care Unit early each morning and come out late each evening, so some days I am just unable to add updates.

    We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your Love and Support from Fairbanks, Anchorage, Valdez, Lake Clark, Kenai, Soldotna, Nondalton, Oregon and Washington. We will pass on all messages to Sky. God Bless all of you who have flown down and driven from from Fairbanks and Aunt Elizabeth from Kenai so many times.

    Thank you all who have called to help with our Fairbanks home during this cold snap and gone over to converse with Lucky, our Maine Coon Cat. Jennifer Reed, you are spoiling him rotten feeding him tuna, let him fall asleep in his dry cat food bag....

    To tell you from the heart -Sky is fiesty -has emitted some unprintable swear words when they pulled tubes from his throat -feisty as ever!!!! He is strong and will beat this.

    I picture him fly fishing with Olin, in a waterproof wheel chair, which is all decked out with oversized tires, wind blowing his long hair like a proud flag -

    Tell me your vision.

    Thank you all and thank you for your love and support during this horrific time.

  2. This is Skyler's Mom, Pam writing this -I can not figure out how to properly submit the required fields to submit this -so hence the listing as annonymous -no young 20 something person to help me tonight with this computer challenge....

  3. Sending all my love to you guys! Hang in there Sky!

  4. hey skyman! hope you got the flowers me and the girls sent you.. were all praying for you here, we miss you and love you!


  5. hey skyler! you and your family havent been far from my thoughts since the night it happened. we're all praying for you and wish you the best! you are one of the strongest people ive ever met. im sure you'll do us all proud. you're in our hearts.

    -cari brendel

  6. Friday, January 09, 12:09 AM - Pamela Twitchell:
    Tonight's entry is an update from this week - January 5th, 2009.

    Good Progress is being made by Skyler's strong inner strength. The time from when we first came to Providence, Hospital in the early chaotic hours of Dec.27, to today, Thursday Jan 8 we have seen him grow physically and mentally stronger. A few really tough days, but most days are onward and upward!!!

    He is still assisted in his breathing with the breathing machine, due to lung/breathing issues. The good news is an ultrasound test determined there are not fluids between his lungs and ribs. YEAH!

    Most days, there are gains increasing the amount of breathing on his own. The goal is to be able to consistantly breath on his own, without the assistance of the machines. This is an attainable goal.

    This week the tubes down his throat were replaced with a traciotomy -tube inserted in his throat below his larnex. Cannot find the spellcheck, so my apologies for the typos and mispelled words...

    So far he is not able to spare the air to pass over the vocal chords, but this will happen soon. Sky is quite-QUITE patient with us as he says things to us, and we have to read his lips.

    There was no mistaking his words when he spoke to Ryan and I, "I WILL WALK." and he also said "STEM CELLS." We affirmed his conviction and let him know we are ALL going to do whatever it takes for him to walk again. Told him his passport will remain current, ready to be used, if we find places that can assist spinal chord injury patients. My dearest Geek/Science News friend, Nora Steen, is all over this.

    He continues to runs fevers from 103 to 102 daily. Fear of infection is always foremost on our minds, so we are most protective of him.

    His room is kept cool, and sometimes a chilling blanket, or icy packs are laid upon him. He has shown me where the blankets are kept, and when he begins to shiver, I must admit, I clandestinely cover his shoulders. We both know that Kim, his awesome nurse, will bust us - but I admit to conspiring with Sky to make him comfortable. She always catches us and we are always so in trouble with her....he smiles in approval when she told him she drives a Viper...

    Today ,they had Sky sitting upright in a chair at 6AM -that is an obscene time to do anything, according to Sky, but he had several times sitting upright today. This is good for his lungs, dispite how much it wipes out his energy, moving him from the bed to the chair is rough on him. Dosen't help that the Lift Team are amatuer Neanderthals....

    Each day, friend, Dustin Cooper, comes in on his lunch hour to put on"McGuyver" and they watch those great episodes and sometimes the two of them are caught napping.

    Weston and Annie come in each day after work to spread sunshine, Thank you Annie for the Mooses's Tooth pizza, music and movies. Top Gun, Tommy Boy, and some other Adam Saddler 7th grade humor movie have made Skyler smile.

    Father Jack called tonight for updates, and wants Skyler to know he is expecting to ski with Skyler again, like he did in Alta last spring with Skyler and Sam DeBlouw.

    We have come a long way this week- Sky has worked very hard.

    Different stages in the process of awareness, anger, and action has been present. We are so impressed with his maturity and spirit to beat this horrific experience.

    Thank you all for your prayers, phonecalls, cards, emails, gift baskets, and visits. You are so appreciated and in our thoughts, hearts and presence as we all stand behind Skyler to beat this aweful challenge. IF ANYONE can, it will be SkyGuy. He is determined -and he has stated with conviction,"I Will Walk."

    Our next challenge with get him medivacated to the Craig Hospital, in Denver, Colorado As soon as possible. Pray that Hollis and I can get him there, Concidered to be the leading spinal chord injury rehabilitation hospital in the counrty.

    We may have to make and raffle "fricken" quilts, according to Jeffery Levison.Olin suggested bikini car washes, and perhaps even the traditional spagetti feeds, but we are determined to get him to Denver soon, to start his rehabilitation. As soon as he can be stablized and out of critical care, he can be mediavacted.

    We have set up an account for the purpose of Michael Skyler Twitchell's medical and rehabilitation expenses at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. The account # is 1435788. If you are an Alaska USA member you can call or go online to make contributions. If a non-member, then you will need to to go in person.

    How can we understand WHY this happened.? I wrestle with this each and every day...But, it did happen. And from here we go upward and onward. Pray for our family -Pray for his recovery, and please pray for his strength and determination to beat this.

    Thank you All , for your Love and Support,

    Pam, Hollis, Olin, Ryan and most of all Skyler Twitchell.

  7. Jan. 9. Thank you Pam for the update and positive news. I hope that good progress continues to be made, so you all can move on to the next step in Skyler's recovery. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Meanwhile my wishes and prayers are with you.


  8. Team Smith: Craig, Beth, Luke, Scott, and MaggieJanuary 9, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    Hello Skyler. I want you to know that Team Smith is all pulling for you. Luke, Scott, and Maggie were at Providence early last week. Rest up, get stronger, and keep recovering.

  9. Hey Skyler (and family)! It is nice to have an update on your progess, we all think about you constantly here. We were at your house last night eating dinner, we can't wait for you to join us again. Don't you fret Lucky is looking just as plump as ever...he is getting a little hairy though, time for another hair cut I suppose...I can arrange that if you want :) Adam is on his way to see you as we speak so I hope that brightens you up...we are so jealous he gets to see you and we don't :( All of us girls sent you some flowers (it took us forever to pick them out because we were worried they would be too girly so I hope you like them) Anyways, you and your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers and dont you forget that!
    love ya man!
    dani wilson

  10. PLEASE NOTE THE ACCOUNT # CHANGE : in the ALASKA USA Federal Credit Union, New Account Number is: 1438789.

    For the Benefit of Michael Skyler Twitchell for his medical expenses and rehabilitation for spinal chord injury.

    Thank you all who have helped raise funds for his upcoming and ongoing medical expenses. The bank is keeping a list of donors for us.

    Skyler had family and friends visiting over the past few days. Grandparents Bernie and Elias Venes from Bethel, Aunt Elizabeth and cousins, Kenley, Kyle and Nolan from Kenai, And friends from Fairbanks, Healy and Anchorage.

    Skyler is still in Critical Care with fevers continuing to run high, but his strength is increasing. He had several hours a day sitting upright. It is getting a little easier and more comfortable to be sitting in a chair to help his lungs.

    Olin, Ryan and Jeffrey decorated his hospital room today with skiing pictures and airplanes today. Brought in some pictures of Sky as a toddler sitting in super cubs, at air shows. He enjoyed brightening up his room with the pictures.

    His dream to get his private pilot liscence came closer in October when Skyler soloed, passed his written exam, and flew numberous cross-county flights in freezing, winter conditions in the windy Kuskokwim River area. He is currently an aviation major at the University of Alaska.

    Today was a good day for Skyler.
    Pam Twitchell

  11. Hey guys, I am so happy to finally have found out that skyler is making a strong recovery. I know its been a long time since the days of seeing you all at speedskating, but I just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you all during this trying time.
    -Max Becker

  12. Hey Skylar and Family,
    Its so great to hear that you are recovering and staying strong about it, we all knew you would. This update is very nice to have, always wondering how you are doing and if things are getting better. We all are hoping and praying for you man. I hope you got our flowers, we picked the kind that fit you the most for how flowers are at least. I also hoped you enjoyed the picture Adam brought you. When everything is all said and done, we will be ready for a dance off, so practice some sweet moves:)
    Can't wait to see you.
    Love Melanie Hall

  13. the_aerie@hotmail.comJanuary 14, 2009 at 11:38 PM

    We are so awed and impressed by Skyler!!! What a remarkably strong young man.

    Not only tenacious -but he is determined to beat this tragedy and attempt on his life. Sky remains positive -thanks to his inner strength and beliefs.

    Today his brothers, Ryan and Olin ,spent the afternoon with Sky. Friends, Tamer, Dennis and Dustin came by to lend support and love. Annie came this evening to spread sunshine and hope. Hollis and I stayed until he was comfortable and sleepy, back on the respirator, after hours of breathing on his own. semed to be very labored in his breathing tonight.

    Excellent news -He can swallow and was so happy to be able to swallow and eat applesause, pudding and everything offered to him. After tube feedings, he is sooooo hungrey for real food. So important at this stage with his respitory complications,that his lungs are able to be stregthened. So critical that his trac isn't compromised.

    Hollis and I are staying with his sister and her husband, June and Norm McAtee up here off Dearmoud - the wind is expected to hit 104 miles@hour tonight, so I should submit this entry before the power quits.

    Thank you ALL for your Calls, Visits, Love, Support and Kindness during this extremelly difficult time for ALL of our family. We all thank you.

    Love, Pam, Hollis, Olin, Ryan and especially Skyler.

  14. the _aerie@hotmail.comJanuary 14, 2009 at 11:50 PM

    There are times that his father and I just cry,
    sob, scream, and break down, for the pain our son is enduring.
    How needless, what a stupid turn of events by a clueless female, how tragic, and how evil...
    The remainder of his young life will be further affected- Pray for Skyler.

  15. Hello Dear Twitchell's,
    We are so glad to have found your blog and to hear of Sklar's progress. He is indeed fortunate to have such a strong and loving family help him through this horrendous time. We are all thinking of you and hold you in our hearts. Hooray for applesauce!
    All our love,
    Nicky, Paul, Sara, Jack, Lily, and Jack.

  16. news updates

    Monday, January 19, 1:02 AM - Pamela Twitchell:
    Sunday, Jan 18 - OK 12:359 AM is technically Monday, Jan 19....

    Some days are much longer than was one of those days. A day when exhaustion and difficulty breathing combined with emotional realities. He is so weak from the weight loss, trauma of his severe injuries, surgeries and just plain exhaustion. His breathing was difficult today and his spririts were down. I honestly cannot comprehend how I would handle dealing with some of the harsh realities Skyler has had to face head on. He is an amazing young man -so strong in his will and mind.

    On the new things for today -first day out of the hospital gowns. He liked the "Life is Good" Tshirt that had DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIO , bicycle, hiking shoes and kiyak paddle on the front design. Comfy PJ shorts completed the ensemble. Got a shampoo from Nurse Joe,husband of his favorite nurse, Kim(SHE IS VERY AWESOME) . Hardly a spa treatment, but felt good.

    Then, he was taken on a clandestine ride in his wheelchair to breathe in some fresh air out the emergency exit, back in and whisked along the Sky Walk -how fitting. Helped his spirits to finally get out of his hospital room and into real clothes -first time since day after Christmas, when we fist arrived at Providence.

    Great to have visitors, Jake and Tiffany Steppler, and Kelsy Sturrok and Alec Venechuck come see Skyler after driving down from Fairbanks. Olin skiied Alyeska today ,in the rain and hail with cousins Kyle, Kenley and Nolan, who came with him and Aunt Elizabeth to visit this evening.

    I just called minutes ago and talked to his evening Nurse, Drew. Still having some difficulties with breathing and finding that peaceful space to sleep. He tucked him in with a warm blanket, and says he is falling asleep now. Best I do the same.

    Tomorrow is a new day -

    PLEASE pray we can get him to Craig Hospital in Denver for Spinal Chord Injury Rehabilitation,

    More to come about fund raising efforts.

    Thank all of you for checking on his progress. He is so loved by such wonderful friends and his family.

  17. Skyler
    I'm so glad to hear that you've been making some progress. You've been in my thoughts every day. I wish you and your family strength for all that is to come.
    Much love.
    Rachel Patterson

  18. Skyyyyler!
    Seems to me that you are one strong guy! Your prooving yourself to alot of people and amazing us all..Stay strong brotha!

    Ps. I promise I won't over feed Lucky catnip anymore..I think Adam hid it from me anyways :S

    Miss you lots! Praying for you always...
    Megan Barker<3

  19. Hello Friends and Family - Inaguration Day today. YES WE CAN!!!

    Skyler has up in the wheelchair today, after a good night of sleep. Yesterday tried out bringing a cup up to drink and feeding himself. Working those arms muscles is exhausting, but he is doing it.

    Wonderful cards, messages and phone calls have been coming in from friends and people all over the state. Perhaps the one that blew his slipper socks off came from the Governor, Sarah Palin to Skyler with words of encouragment and recovery. Pretty cool.

    Just taking a quick break out here to the computer- So I'm heading back into his room.

    Today is a good day -Good for all of us -

    Love, Pam Twitchell

  20. news updates

    Wednesday, January 21, 11:03 PM - Pamela Twitchell:
    Good Evening,

    I just lost my entire entry I had just spent the better part of an hour on.. :((( So here goes in an abbreviated version-

    Good Day Today on many levels!!!

    Brought in a homemade smoothie consisting of Nancy's Whole Milk Yogurt, 1 egg, 1 pear, 1 banana , 2 E-MergenCe packets, protein, orange juice, and "Mother's Love." Yeah, he liked it.

    Good food intake on the puree diet all day.

    Got a Nurse Joe shampoo, and Aunt Diana gave him a new shorter hair style. Looks very nice. Keeping the mustache and goatee, So Sky looks really handsome, and he likes what he sees in the mirror.

    Visitors today included Healy friend, Don DeBlauw, Terry Timiche on her third time down from Healy, Aunt Diana Twitchell, Weston Howe and long time friends, Lyle and Sue Marchant.

    Hollis and I had three seperate meetings and good progress on all fronts.

    PLEASE continue to PRAY that we can get him to Craig Hospital in Denver. Good efforts that way were made this week.

    Love to all of you. We feel your arms around us, and your prayers of support to keep Skyler Strong and Safe. Thank you all. Richard and Wanda Scarlett -I feel the love. Thank you. Eileen Levison, your generosity is overwhelming. You are so right -We are all in this together.

    Love, Pam

  21. Many of you are unaware that I post first to:
    patient: twitchell
    password: skyler1
    This site I print out for Skyler -
    God Bless you all, and Thank You for all that you have done to make this painful journey in unison, with your love and heartfelt support for Skyler.
    Pam and Hollis, Olin and Ryan.

  22. news updates

    Thursday, January 22, 11:21 PM - Pamela Twitchell:
    Hello Friends and Family,

    One of those days when weakness and fatigue took a toll. Late afternoon (4:30 PM) procedures resulted in poor Skyler not being allowed to eat or drink anything the entire day.

    A PEG ( medical term for a tube) was inserted in his stomach to allow for additional nutricianal supplements while he is sleeping at nights, to help try to build up his strengh, stamina and regain some of the 20+ pounds of weight loss. Eliminates the tube that was in his nose to his stomach - 3 times dislodged by moving him around...

    Trying to allow him the puree diet by mouth, spoonful by spoonful, just was not getting enough calories into his healing body. Tomorrow, the puree diet will resume swallowing by mouth, and the stomach tube used at night to supplement.

    Good news is the fevers of 104 and 103 have settled down to normal range. His lungs haven't collapsed this week and needed broncing every day like the past weeks. So far, through the valiant and vigilant efforts of the respitory, nursing and speech pathologist/nutrician medical staff, we have been able to keep pneumonia at bay. That is huge!!!

    Negotions continue to get him to Craig Hospital in Denver -PLEASE center your prayers that he can experince their expertise in his spinal chord injury rehabilitation and his road to recovery. We REALLY need those prayers to intercede on his behalf!!!

    Erik Dreygus will be able to come visit Skyler this weekend, when he is down for the University of Alaska, Board of Regents Meeting this week in Anchorage. Erik regained much mobility while at Craig several years ago, and now coached the West Valley High School Hockey team in Fairbanks. He also does the sports coverage for the UAF, Nanooks Hockey games.

    Friends are meeting Monday in Fairbanks to plan fundraising.Thank you so much Dear Friends. Might be the traditional spagetti feed, at West Valley High School, to help us raise funds for the medical and rehabilitation costs for Skyler. I will ask Dermot Cole and Kris Capps to get involved through the media. Anyone got a lifeline or connection to Oprah?

    I guess it is time to think about resurrecting the Blue Whale - Ford Econoline 150 Van, purchased years ago from Grandpa, and well know in Valdez when the Twitchell Crew. or Posse ,as Annie Studer calls them, would pull into town for the helicopter sking at Dean Cummings, H2O Heli sking business.

    I've asked Challenge Alaska reps to come in and talk to Sky about skiing again as a quad, and sled ice hockey.

    I need to go call and check with his night nurse, Ellie. Thank you all again for the phone calls, emails, card, and visits. God Bless you all for your Care and Love for Skyler.

    Talk later, Pam

  23. news updates

    Friday, January 23, 10:11 PM - Pamela Twitchell:
    That is how I am praying for you guys today. Sincerely, Kelly . So, specifically regarding the transfer to Craig, I submit this for you all!

    “When I say to this mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the sea and I do not doubt at all in my heart but believe that what I say will take place, it will be done for me.” Mark 11:23.

    Thank You Kelly. I wanted to share her message with all of you today.


    Still no word on the Rehabilitation move -Feels like a time warp...

    The Good News is: The PEG procedure late yesterday went well to establish a secondary method of feeding 6PM to 6AM, direct to his stomach. The Bad News is : He totally lost all wind in his sails - as well as 20+ pounds since admission to the hospital on Dec.27th. Skyler had to wait until midnight last night, for any food or water after the PEG procedure -after nearly 15 hours without food or water he hit bottom today. The 102 degree fever is back and all the lab work has begun again to determine source of any infection. All he could do today was sleep.

    Thank you Judy Wasierski and Reyne Athanas coming in from Bethel to visit and lend emotional support. Sue Marchant with news of donation leave time for me. Judy Alderson-Miller came by today to visit with Hollis and I. Annie Studer and her brother Nathan delivered a Moose's Tooth Pizza for us tonight and shared a short visit with Skyler. Thank You so much everyone who have sent cards, emails, messages and signing the guest book at this site.

    Hoping that tomorrow brings a more rested and energized Skyler.


  24. Hello sky man, was awesome talking to you the day before yesterday. We managed to gather up our 30 helis and are about to fly back to kansas. We will leave texas in a couple flights seperated by about 10 min and then all link up out of oklahoma and get in all nice and tight and buzz the local surrounding towns and cities and our base announcing that we are back from Iraq. I will call you after I land and can't wait to hear your voice dude. Remember that for every step forward there is a chance of stumbling and you have to look past that and find a good place to put your mind on what you want and push on mentally and your body will fallow. Your one tuff kid and I am more then proud to call you my brother. Keep on doing what you are doing and stay positive. I love you man and can't wait to see you soon.


  25. news updates

    Sunday, January 25, 12:36 AM - Pamela Twitchell:
    What a great day to REBOUND.

    Sleep amd supplemental feedings through the new stomach tube(PEG) resulted in Skyler coming back to us today. He is one tough kid.

    Fever is gone, appetitie returned, and as the day progressed, he regained color and stamina.

    Hollis and I watched all day as he became stronger and more alert. Thank God -huge relief for us.

    Visitors today were Kristen and Greg Mahachek, dear friends form Fairbanks, who had flown down to visit with Skyler. They brought items with them from Fairbanks that Sky had been requesting. Thank you so much.

    Stan Steck, from our Denali days, came and brought Hollis and I a delicious lunch and shared a great visit. Thank you so much Stan.

    This week needs to be the time to determine where we are able to take Skyler for his Spinal Chord Rehabilitation.

    PLEASE PRAY that our negotions for Craig Hospital, in Denver will be successful. We should know something by mid-week..

    Thank you and Love to all of Sky's friends, family and fans.


  26. Dear Pam and Family,
    This is Gail Burger from Fairbanks. Emily Burger's step mom and Bobbi Jean and Luke Zanella's mother.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I've been wondering how things were going and have finally bumped into this site. What a great idea to help stay in touch with everyone.
    I know you have lots of people whom can help with anything, but just want you to know if there is anything Rich or I can help out with please just ask.
    We'll be praying for the Craig facility.
    Rich and Gail Burger

  27. news updates

    Monday, January 26, 12:42 AM - Pamela Twitchell:
    Dear Friends and Family,

    As Eileen Levison told me, "We are all in this together."

    Please note the generous offer for help with fundraising that has come from another dear friend, DeAnn Brooks form Healy:

    "I see by reading the update on Skyler that we're ready to start fundraising here in Healy!

    I'd like to offer some help. I'll donate 35% (my profit) of all purchases made through my website.

    There will be simple instructions at the top of the website for those wishing to help Skyler by this means.

    This offer stands as long as you wish, Pam.

    The products will be shipped directly from Arbonne to the persons who order, so it'll be really easy for everyone.

    They can live anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Australia or United Kingdom and qualify to order.

    WOW -Thank you DeAnn.

    Another good friend, Kelly, shared with me:

    “When I say to this mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the sea and I do not doubt at all in my heart but believe that what I say will take place, it will be done for me.” Mark 11:23.

    We spent a LONG day at the hospital today.

    Sky was transferred to PCU -Progressive Care Unit late afternoon yesterday.

    Suppose to be progress in his recovery, battling for regaining his health.

    Hollis and I are not convinced that this was the best move.

    You must be an advocate for your loved one in a hospital stay -Adult Critical Care was wonderful!!!!

    However in PCU, there is no doubt that you must stay on top of all medications, procedures and care, or lack of.... while your loved one is in the hospital.

    Therefore, we did not leave tonight until 11PM, only after we we knew he was back on the By-Pap respirator, suctions of his trach had been done, proper medications for pain and sleep had been adminsitered, and he had been turned, as required every two hours. Only then, could we feel we could leave. As Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said, "Toto, We're not in Kansas anymore...

    Friends coming to visit today included:

    Kristen and Greg Mahacheck flying down from Fairbanks. Thank you so much for coming to see Sky.

    Judy and Jon Binkley. Judy is spearheading a fundraising effort for a community spaghetti feed.

    Cheryl Venechuck and her daughter ,Chelsie Gibbons and precious granddaughter, little Sweet Caroline. Soon to depart for Germany.

    Kate Powers, and long time and dear friend of Skyler's, Olivia Foote. Thank you Olivia for flying down to see Sky.

    Wonderful friends, Larry Van Slyke, and Randi and Fred Hirshman teleconferenced tonight with us after learning about this tragic attack on Skyler. Thank you Stan Steck for calling them. Sometimes you just cannot muster the stregth to call dear friends with such tragic news...

    Please EVERYONE, say a heartfelt prayer that we can get Skyler to Craig Hospital in Denver. Let the decisions be made this week. We need to get Sky out of Anchorage and on to rehabilitationfor spinal chord injury.

    Thank you All, for your love and support, Pam and Hollis.

  28. My name is Kate Powers and I am raising money for Skyler by selling earrings. As all of his friends probably know by now the best treatment for Skyler is at the Craig Spinal Care Center in Denver, CO. I have made a website of earrings and all of the money from the earrings will go directly into the fund that his family has set up. Please check out the website!

  29. you can click on the link of my name to check out the website on facebook and send me a message.

  30. news updates

    Tuesday, January 27, 12:36 AM - Pamela Twitchell:
    Please share the following information :

    Fundraisers for Skyler:

    A group of friends met today to start fundraising for Skyler. They are working on both an online fundraiser and community events. We'll post here as things get finalized so all of you reading this can help get the word out, too. If any of you want to help, please contact any of the following. THANKS!!

    Dalonna Cooper

    Debbie Gundersen

    Eileen Levison

    Judy Binkley

    Kristin Machacek

    Patty Jordan

    Sandy Weaver or

    Thank you Judy, Eileen, Kristen. Debbie, Sandy, Dalonna, and all our wonderful friends for coming together today at Wolf Run, and planning these events.

    Hollis and I left the house this morning and got a call from ANMC to call them. Instead, we drove straight to the contracting office. We arived with every hope of committment to their support to our proposal to Denver.

    This is so hard to tell you. They denied our proposal, and will only coordinate funds and medevac to University of Washington Medical Center for rehabilitation. HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT!!!

    OK- Get over it, and on with what needs to be done...The important thing is we get Skyler to Rehabilitation to regain as much as possible for his reentry into the rest of his life.

    University of Washington will be the first step, and we will continue to work to get him to Craig Hospital in Denver, as the second step, in his rehabilition for Spinal Chord Injury.

    Today, Sky did have a good day of success in the long way back. Took him for his second outting in his wheel chair to the SkyBridge at Providence Hospital. Went without the oxygen tank, and wrapped him up in sheets. He was running a fever of 102 today again. Saw the mountains and sunshine of a clear winter day shining over the Chugiak Mountains. Made him happy to get out of his hospital room and see the mountains.

    He is such a sweetheart. He is so happy to be alive!He continues to inspire the doctors, who tell him, "You are the reason I do what I do." Absolutely loved by the medical staff in the Adult Critical Care Unit, and championed as a success case, coming back so close from not being with us. His doctors, and all medical staff that have worked with him these past 31 days have kept him in a special place in their hearts. Many have signed his Journey Log, and want him to keep in touch. The medical and support staff at Providence Hospital are a remarkable group of dedicated, professional and wonderfully sensitive people.

    We thank you for bringing Skyler through some incredibly delicate surgeries and challenging medical crisis.

    Guests today were long time friend, Sara Euhers from Fairbanks. We all enjoyed visting with Sarah, recently back from Sicily. Annie Suetter come after work to check in and see how Sky was doing. Always a pleasure to visit with Annie.

    So, tonight was looking to be relaxed, but then all hell broke loose -Lab results required that ports and cathators be pulled out and replaced with seconday IV's. Suspicions of infection required toal change overs. Finally got all procedures conducted, and the ventilator for evening breathing on over the trach tube. "Good nights" were shared, "see you in the morning" and here we are... the hour is late again.

    Much appreciation and love for all of you, who truly care about Skyler. Pam and Hollis.

  31. news updates

    Friday, January 30, 12:48 AM - Pamela Twitchell:
    Hello Friends and Family,

    Thursday was another good day on the road to recovery. The change to neurology unit has been most postive. He is more relaxed and comfortable. Nice having a huge south window to be able to watch Mt. Redoubt blow...

    Sky had a good nights sleep, or as good as you can have in the hospital, being repositioned every 2 hours. So important to change positions to prevent any pressure points and skin breakdowns. Fevers are gone today, respiration good, and systems appear to be stable. Had the stomach feeding tube for 12 hours through the night, and ate a good breakfast. I helped him with his lunch of pureed terriaki chicken and stir fried vegtables. You are right Sara, it does look like baby food. But is nutricious and he is getting good color returning to his face. Thank you Olivia for your wonderful notes.

    Physical therapists and occupational therapists gave him quite a workout -arms are getting stronger and wrist strength is developing.

    He was exhausted after a busy day. Slept through the afternoon and evening.

    Visitors today were: Tim and Sherrie Buron, long time friends from Healy. Blaine Miller came by with more resourses, good ideas and hope. Our lives have been so enriched to have the pleasure of meeting Blaine. He is a gift. Tim and Sherrie got to see his Chevy Avalanche up close and personal... VAVAVOOM. Sue Marchant came to visit with me and share news of UAF employees donating sick leave time for me. Thank you so much. It is so important to be here and support Sky during this life changing time for our entire family. There is nowhere else I could be right now. All of you parents know exactly what I am saying. Elaine Hammes met us at the hospital tonight and is helping us with architectural drawing for remodeling our bathroom to be wheelchair accessable. Widening the hallway. We must remodel and create a new entryway and access into the house and downstairs, as well as create secondary exits accessable for wheelchair. Annie Studer and I conferred on fundraising efforts for the skiing crowd. Got a lot done. Also was delighted to see Joli Morgan, who came through the hospital to say hello

    Heard today from the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation, Paralysis Resource Center. Talked with a woman who had experienced spinal chord injury and she was a valuable asset.

    We have been advised by several groups, and have come to the conclusion, that we are going to establish the funds for Skyler through a non-profit 501(c)(3 ) organization for all fund raising and donations. The NTAF Catastrophic Injury Fund.

    The importance of doing this is two fold: First, all donations are tax-deductible with the IRS, which is a good thing for the donor. Secondly, all funds raised for Skyler will not show up as personal income and result in his Alaska Medicaid being reduced or lose availability for coverage. There is no tax consequence for Skyler or anyone else. It is a real win-win situation for everyone.

    All funds so far accrued in the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union will be rolled over to the fund for Skyler through the NTAF Catastrophic Injury Fund. Look up at Providing fundraising assistance to catastrophic injury patients. Information: 800-642-8399.

    Fred Hirshman spoke at length with them today for me, and followed up with research for satifaction ratings as a charitable organization. The reports are very high rate!!!

    I established an account yesterday and spent the better part of an hour discussing options with the coordinator. I am able to put all friends involved with different fundraising projects in direct contact with them. Judy Binkley and friends in Fairbanks for spagetti dinner in February, Patty Jordan and friends in Healy , Judy Wasierski and Reyne Athanas in Bethel, Annie Stuer and friends in Anchorage and skiing community, and Jonathan Bradish and friends in Fairbanks all in touch with them for asistance in publicity, brochures and a great coordinated effort for fundraising for Skyler.

    Also, they (NTAF) will establish a link to allow me to post updates of Sky's progress when we are at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. LVS and Friends, I now feel I MUST post each night, or I'm going to hear about it.!!! So while Hollis slumbers, I sip merlot and type...

    UWMC called yesterday to tell us how excited they are to be able to work with Sky and have been reviewing his medical records. The reports from Providence doctors have impressed them. They state over and over how his determinination to give it his best effort , and will help him go far.

    We leave in the wee hours to arrive in Seattle by 9AM on Monday morning, Feb.2. Oh my gosh -It is February already -We are still in the Christmas mode -this tragedy happened on Dec.27th.

    Olin arrives tomorrow for an ANSEPT conference and banquet and will join us tomorrow night. Jan Dick flies in to see us and will drive our car back to Fairbanks for us.

    I will fly in the Medevac plane with Skyler, and if the pilots allow, Hollis can accompany us. If not, he will fly down commercially to be with us in Seattle. I need to find a hotel for the next several months to stay somewhere close to the UW Medical Center. It will all come together piece by piece...

    Hey, this is Super Bowl Sunday coming up.. Sky and I were trying to decide which team we want to choose. Let you know tomorrow.

    All the best to you and thank you for your love and generosity.

    Pam, Hollis Skyler, Olin and Ryan.

  32. I'm so glad I stumbled on this blog because Sky, you've been in my thoughts everyday. Ryan Jones, Sam Durdik, Sam Schnieder, and all the boys send their love and good wishes. We all think about you everyday and KNOW you are going to get through all of this nonsense and keep living your life. To your family, you are amazing and strong people, and have raised a wonderful, strong, and lucky son. Anything we can do, you let us know, and good luck in Seattle.
    We love you Skyler.
    Alex Rhody

  33. To the Twitchells,
    I just want to let you know I am one more person sending positive thoughts your way. If there is anything you guys need help with from Juneau I would be beyond happy to help. You have the strength of Alaskans so all things are possible.
    -Beth Geiger

  34. Skyler, I always thought you were one of the toughest guys I'd ever met. Now I know you are! Praying for your healing and for the Colorado hospital to go through.
    Anders Gillis

  35. news updates

    Saturday, January 31, 2:11 AM - Pamela Twitchell:
    "Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint"

    Exellent and profound quotation sent to me from journalist, Ed Burke in New York. He is the brother, of close and longtime friends Eileen, James, Jeffrey and Michael Levison.

    Eileen Levison, husband James, and son, Jeffery went together and sent to Skyler a fabulous slim Macintosh Laptop with 15" screen, so he can watch movies too. He is so appreciative, brought tears to our eyes. Thank You Levison Family, for your incredible generosity. Looking into "speaking" activated software for him.

    Today was spent multitasking like a hyper-person: Sent final paperwork in to establish a non-profit status for all fund- raising events being held all over the state. Important not to jeopardize Skyler's Alaska Medicaid with donated funds that would result in reductions to what they would cover for his medical expenses. Benefits to all, to be able to claim tax deductible amounts too.

    Worked on Victims of Violent Crimes paperwork. Needed hospital/doctor signatures.

    Hollis met with State of Alaska regarding medicare.

    This morning, I secured an apartment, within 10 minute walk of University of Washington Medical Center, to rent for the next two plus months in Seattle for myself -Nice to know that I am not homeless in Seattle...Thank you Nikki for the the referral to Allegra Appartment. Have an extra sofa sleeper for any positive people wanting to come visit.

    Spent several hours strongly objecting to orders to move Skyler back down to PCU -after succeeding in getting him up to the Neurology Unit. He has been in 5 different room since we have been admitted to Providence.

    At one point ,I was going to agree to be staying all night in his room and take full responsability for his respiritory needs for the ventilator at night. The good fight was waged by Staff and Drs. and finally we were able to "breathe easier"

    and Sky stays in Neurology for the next three nights until we leave for UWMC.

    Got a most disturbing letter from UAF Human Services that my Family Medical Leave Request was denied, because my son is an adult, and not a minor. Note to self: Breathe Deep and pursue appeals.... This too will pass...Pour another glass of merlot...

    Monday, we leave 4AM for Seattle via Life -Med on a fast plane south. I am able to fly with Sky, and Hollis will follow commercially on Alaska Airlines. Can you belive it, Hollis is trying to get out of taking me to the hospital to meet the 4AM timeline. What a Shmuck! Wants me to find a bed in the hospital and get aride with the ambulence to the airport... I don't think so...

    We use to say, "Lord willing and the creek don't rise." Now we say , "I hope Mt. Redoubt doesn't blow."

    Sky had a good day with progress forward. He looked good! His breathing was good, lungs appeared to be better, energy level increasing, wrist movement gaining, appetite good. Got him in the wheel chair for several hours today to the therapy gym..

    His physicans, respitory, occupational, physical, speech therapists, nursing staff and lift team have all taken me aside and said what a pleasure it has been to be able to work with Skyler. And with heart-felt sincerity. He possesses an inspiring spirit and connection with people. What a gift he is to us. We came so close to losing him, and we are all so thankful he came back to us!

    Sky shared with us how he viewed himself from above and saw himself lying on the ground, immediatley after he had been shot. WOW, Oh My God!!!

    Then he came back and saw himself laying on the ground. Thank God he came back!!! How close to leaving us did he come? I am soooo shaken by this - As parents, siblings ,or friends, we all say: Thank God you are in our lives Skyler!!!

    Visitors today were: Uncle Allen Brown flew in from Wickenburg, Arizona. Good to see him. Sky has been his hero ever since he and Sky were working together at Big Lake after the infamous Big Lake fire that destroyed Allen's cabin. Sky was helping Allen rebuild the cabin, and was with Allen when he slipped and was trapped. He fell through the framing with his his legs hung up on the lumber, upside down. Sky, youngster that he was, stacked peices of lumber under his leg, to bring Allen up to a level he could ease the pain and helped get Allen to his pick-up and enabled him to get to the hospital.

    Naomi came with love and compassion. It was hard for her to see Sky injured, but she had a good visit, and she was so strong. She and Donavon will perform some of Sky's favorite music at the spagetti dinner coming up soon.

    Luke Smith appeared and shared part of the afternoon with Skyler.

    Olin flew down for an ANSEP program and banquet today. YEAH!!!! So good to have older brother Olin here. He made me laugh in the elavator on the way back down... I need to do that more. Felt really good.

    Ryan calls several times aday to check on Sky's progress.

    Oh My Gosh, it is after 2 AM - I Have lost all sense of time and space....

    Better call it a day, Good Cheers, Pam

  36. I'm so glad to finally be in touch! Marie sent me this site. We've been holding you all in prayer and will continue to do so.
    In August, I was down in Seattle for about 2 weeks with friends during a medical emergency. We found the hospital staff (Harborview Med. Center, critical care) awesome. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging and the quality of care was top notch. Even the food was great!
    Proverbs 3:5,6 and may you be able to rest in the One who loves you all the most.

  37. Sky...
    Things have been stacking up and I have not been able to get in to see you this last week. Know that I am a warrior on your behave. I will remain with you in spirit at each step of your journey. The Lord is faithful to those who call upon His name. Your name is lifed up many, many times a day. Isaiah 40:31 "Yet those who wait on Jehovah will renew their strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles; they will run and will not faint: They will walk and will not become weary." This is my prayer for you in mind, emotion and will that you turn to your spirit and there you will find your strength in the Lord. All of us will be there with you holding you up as you make your trip south and begin the next step to this goal. Much love to you and your family. Bo

  38. I have been out of town and out of touch, but I want to weigh in to say hello to Sky, who helped Jim build our house, and to Pam, who was my angel when i had a car accident 4 years ago. I join others in sending prayers for Sky's recovery and for you, too, Pam, that God will give you the strength you need to be there for him. I just learned about the fundraiser at West Valley next week and hope to attend.
    Charley Basham

  39. I just wanted to say.... I met Skyler on Friday night - at work. I'm a traveler to these parts here in Alaska.... I was his Respiratory Therapist, the crazy girl with the southern accent that wants to drive the front end loader... I only worked 1 night with Skyler, but hope to follow his progress. I wish him well through all the days of recovery.... I agree with the quote above.... It's a marathon - not a sprint. In the brief 12h shift I worked w/ him - he made me laugh & he made me cry... A good cry!

    I can't wait to hear all the progress =)

    God Bless a family like yours that has so much Faith!!!!

  40. news flash

    From the Twitchell Family and Friends working on this fundraiser:
    A spaghetti feed/art and dessert auction is scheduled for February 11th, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm, at West Valley High School. You can help us by attending this event and promoting it to all of your co-workers and friends. If you have donations for the art auction or can offer assistance to the committee, please contact us at the addresses listed below.

    How can you help? The quickest, easiest and most efficient way to help Skyler is with a financial donation. A fundraising campaign has been established in Skyler’s honor with the Catastrophic Injury Program of the National Transplant Assistance Fund (NTAF). NTAF is a nonprofit that has been assisting the transplant community for 25 years.

    In 2000, NTAF began working with those who had suffered catastrophic injuries such as Skyler’s. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We have included a donation form and envelope for your convenience.

    Make checks payable to: NTAF Northwest Spinal Cord Injury Fund

    Note in memo section: In honor of Michael “Skyler” Twitchell

    Please mail to: NTAF

    150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120

    Radnor, PA 19087

    For credit card contributions, please call 800-642-8399 or visit

    and type in Twitchell in the yellow box.

    It is impossible for us to imagine how dramatically the lives of the entire Twitchell family have been changed by one act of violence in our city. Fortunately, we live in a generous community, in a state with a long tradition of helping our neighbors. Your support and prayers at this time of need will help this family through the most difficult time. You can check on Skyler’s daily progress at the following website: The
    login: Twitchell password: skyler1

    Thank you,
    Dalonna Cooper Kristin Machacek
    Judy Binkley Debbie Gunderson
    Sandy Weaver Eileen Levison

    Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. This campaign is administered by the National Transplant Assistance Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing fundraising assistance to transplant and catastrophic injury patients. Information: 800-642-8399


    Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. This campaign is administered by the National Transplant Assistance Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing fundraising assistance to transplant and catastrophic injury patients. Information: 800-642-8399

    news updates

    Wednesday, February 04, 8:02 PM - Pamela Twitchell:
    Hi - We did not fall off the radar... Had no internet connection last night in the new apartment, so boy have we heard about it. Mr. LVS, I got the vibes all the way from Moab!!!

    Yesterday was the first full day of work with rehabiliation therapists and doctors. His daily schedule starts with breakfast at 7Am and by 8:00 AM the work begins. Sky gets one hour to down his lunch. No recess -or napping inbetween. The full day of rehab ends around 4:30PM. After that, dinner is brought in, he eats and we settle in and watch a movie or some TV. He is hitting it hard, as all things he does, and giving it his best efforts.

    Skyler has a better view of water on Lake Washington than I do. The UW Husky Stadium is directly in view and he can see well to the North. We brought good weather with us, been nice and warm in the 50's, and that is ABOVE ZERO happy to report.

    Hollis and Skyler are in the room now watching an Arnold Schartzenager Movie -too "macho- crotcho" for me...Good time to catch up on phone calls and get this entered before my usual midnight hours.

    We had our first vistor today...drum roll please...the future Dr. Claire Doran!!! Claire is attending UWMed School here in Seattle. It was wonderful to see her happy and smiling face today. Skyler really enjoyed the visit. We are planning outting with him here on campus at UW.

    By the way- people have asked about the medevac trips. If you are the pilot type, or just keeping score: in two seperate flights we have flown on three Lear Jets and one King Air.

    On Dec.27th, From Fairbanks, 30 minutes out and another 30 minutes back to Fairbanks in the King Air, because it didn't develop necessary pressure to make it over the Alaska Range. Then transferred to the Lear Jet and flew Fairbanks to Anchorage.

    Then on Feb.2 flew out of Anchorage for 30 minutes on a Lear Jet, developed a reading that a landing light or "something or other " wasn't properly registering. Flew back to Anchorage for the next 30 minutes, transferred to a second Lear Jet and made it in 3 hours. Nice traveling 400 miles per hour. They havean incredibly low ceiling and EXTREMELY tight on space inside. SKYLER CRACKED ME UP WHEN HE DRYLY SAID, "IF I WERE A RICH PERSON I WOULD GET A BIGGER JET."

    IT was a good and productive day moving forward, looking to tomorrow with HOPE and GOALS


  41. news updates

    Saturday, February 07, 10:02 PM - Pamela Twitchell :
    Today was a much better day than yesterday, I am happy to report.

    Sky's trachea was downsized yesterday, and it was not without pain and suffering.

    Normally, it is a smooth procedure they all tell us, but during the move from the bed to his wheelchair, it got bumped hard by mistake, and then later in the evening, the suction technique to go down his throat and clear his lungs of excretions was too fast, and the air blast too powerful, and was extremely painful !!!

    He had the original trachea in for over a month in Alaska, so tremendous swelling had resulted. I just did not have the strength and energy to update this blog for the last two days. Sorry, but I can only be positive for so long.

    Today is a New Day,and it was a good day moving forward!!!

    Sky had 8 hours of therapy today, and tomorrow, Sunday, is a day off.

    Sky says he plans to sleep in :))), and I will walk down from my apartment to UWMC on Campus after lunch to spend another day with him, I do have an umbrella, thanks to my sister, Patti Phillips living in Puyallup. Plan to go through emails tomorrow with Skyler, and watch "The Secret" again -at Sky's request. Thank you Francois, his flight instructor, for sending that positive DVD to him.

    PLEASE Be sure to read Dermot Cole's article in the News-Miner tomorrow.

    Olivia and Karen Foote have been in touch with the latest additions to the Arts offered by Alaskans artists for Sky's benefit -It is simply over whelming!

    PLEASE CHECK OUT DEMOT COLE'S COLUMN tomorrow, Sunday, in the New-Miner.

    We are so humbled by the support and love being poured forth to Skyler from Family, Friends and the entire Fairbanks Community.

    Thank you all. Pam and Hollis, Olin , Ryan and SKYLER.

    Saturday, February 07, 10:02 PM - Pamela Twitchell
    Thursday, February 05, 10:00 PM - Pamela Twitchell
    Wednesday, February 04, 8:02 PM - Pamela Twitchell
    Monday, February 02, 10:54 PM - Pamela Twitchell
    Monday, February 02, 1:40 AM - Pamela Twitchell
    Sunday, February 01, 1:06 AM - Pamela, Olin, Ryan and Hollis
    Saturday, January 31, 11:39 PM
    Saturday, January 31, 2:11 AM - Pamela Twitchell
    Friday, January 30, 12:48 AM - Pamela Twitchell
    Thursday, January 29, 1:51 AM - Pam Twitchell
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    Sunday, January 25, 12:36 AM - Pamela Twitchell
    Friday, January 23, 10:11 PM - Pamela Twitchell
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    Wednesday, January 14, 11:22 PM
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    Monday, January 12, 10:24 PM - Pamela Twitchell
    Friday, January 09, 12:09 AM - Pamela Twitchell
    Friday, January 02, 1:02 AM - Pamela twitchell
    Monday, December 29, 5:21 PM - Pamela Twitchell


    Skyler, following his passion.

    Happy and proud to call them, "My Three Sons."

    Loving Life and Staying Onboard...

    Sky, Wade Binkley and Jeffrey Levison, Visiting Olin in Europe. How long does it take for a passport to be reissued, Wade?

    Click Here for More Photos!

    important links

    Providence Alaska Medical Center
    Skyler's Update Blog

  42. Go to;
    password: skyler1

  43. Hi Skyler!
    Sending positive thoughts and prayers from the Moose!
    Pam, BIG HUGS to you! I hope you received my email. Give me a call sometime.
    Chris Worker

  44. news updates

    Saturday, February 14, 12:42 AM - Pamela Twitchell :
    WOW...What an INCREDIBLE week!!!

    We are still all thunderstruck by the heartfelt love, prayers, and support for Skyler!!!

    What a response from the many communities throughout Alaska.

    To tell you all how Happy Skyler felt Wednesday night, seeing all of you, his friends is priceless. He laughed hard, waved his arms in the air, and smiled for hours. Thank you all for coming together for him. It is overwhelming the gratitude I feel in my heart as I write this.

    Since you saw us Wednesday night:

    Skyler has progressed to a power wheelchair. Paul, his awesome Physical Therapist , heard his wicked laugh as he talked about speed and control, looked deep in Sky's eyes and said," I am throttling this machine down...." " Damn," Sky said and laughed again.

    Today, Sky and I were given the OK to get the weekend pass and throttle back and get outside the hospital for fresh air. Paul ran him through a course of uneven ground, slick mud, walkways, and showed us the cool places here at UWMC to get some relaxed time in sunshine and the Healing Garden.

    Paul laughed when I admitted we had "illegally" made a break for it last Sunday, especially when I had considered sacrificing myself, throwing myself down as a human brake, as we zoomed down particularly steep incline, way beyond our abilities...not a pretty picture!!!!

    Guess who blew into town:

    SURPRISE!!! Brother Ryan arrived last night from Fort Reilly to be with us for 5 days-very awesome!!!!

    Hollis arrived tonight from a week in Tucson, Arizona, for Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Refresher and will be here with us until Tuesday.

    Aunt Dede Steele, and cousin Bob drove up from Prineville, Oregon. So nice to see them here.

    Claire Doran came by to visit after her classes at UW Medical School again today- she is always a font of inspiration and is so happy she got to see "Lion King" live in Seattle. A childhood dream fulfilled.

    Robin Miller, nursing student attending Seattle University, and Katie DeLong, student in Tacoma, came by to visit today.

    Well, the hour is getting late, we've had an exhausting week, but it was all good.

    Thank you all again for your generosity and love.

    Pam, Hollis,Skyler, Ryan,and Olin Twitchell

  45. Sky!
    Sorry I didn't get to come by the web cam but i heard you looked great! There was so many people there in support of you it reminded me why it's so great to live in such a small town where everyone knows your name and rallies together in your time of need. I hope your doing well, your always in our thoughts and prayers!